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WE ARE NOT LAWYERS. No employee of HCP is allowed to give you legal advice. We do not prepare legal documents of any kind for lay people. We only prepare subpoenas for lawyers to review prior to service. We offer process service to lay citizens but can not advise you about the content of your legal documents. If you are unsure of the content of your legal documents please hire a qualified local attorney to assist you. 

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Rush Process Service
Emergency Rush
Emergency rush is for when you need the documents served immediately. This premium service include HCP picking the documents up at your office, picking documents up at the courthouse, or receiving your documents by email and we immediately take those documents out to attempt service. All four attempts at service will be made same day upon request. Wait time is charged separately.

Standard Rush
HCP will pick up your documents either from the courthouse, from your office, or you can email them to us at hcpservers@yahoo.com. We will make the first attempt at service the same day we receive them. All four attempts at service can be made within the same week upon request or on four consecutive days (in most areas). Wait time is charged separately.
Houston Court Processors

PH: (832) 453-4743
Email: hcpservers1@gmail.com

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